Dr. Thomas Neuber


Dr. Thomas Neuber has been a Senior Advisor at Aquin since 2015. As a former member of the holding management board of EWE AG, as well as the management- and supervisory board of several EWE subsidiaries, Dr. Thomas Neuber has an extensive background in the energy economy. As head of the procurement and production department, his work put special emphasis on the field of renewable energies and the expansion of activities in this area. In charge of investment management and corporate development, Dr. Thomas Neuber initiated (among others) the acquisition of a majority stake in swb AG, the sale of shares of EWE to EnBW AG, and the restructuring and merging of different corporate divisions. Dr. Neuber also gained experience in the oil and gas industry within the Preussag Group (now TUI), where he was responsible for all international activities of Preussag Energie. Since 2014, he has been a network partner of osb Hamburg GmbH.

Dr. Thomas Neuber has many years of experience in the acquisition of equity investments, in the construction and operation of large-scale international projects and collaboration with consortium partners as well as municipal companies.

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