Successful transactions

Successful transactions


Aquin combines leading M&A knowledge with true industry expertise. Our project team consists of both financial and transactional experts (“M&A Advisors”) and an actively involved, proven industry expert (“Senior Advisor”). This allows Aquin to offer its clients the essence of value-creating M&A advice: being able to identify the valuable core in business models, having direct access to decision-makers and investors in the industry worldwide, and being able to close the best possible transaction package with process experience, technical expertise and personal commitment.


According to Thomas Aquinas (1225-1274), the path to truth does not lead via rationality alone, but rather through a combination of mind and emotion. The brilliant scholar warned that the role of emotions, which he called »passions of the soul«, must never be underestimated or neglected. Since our foundation, we remain convinced that M&A, the »supreme discipline of investment banking«, is not only about the intellectual analysis of business models, the complex modeling of cash flows or the conclusive calculation of equity values. Far more, the people involved are at the center of our work.


The focus of our work is on medium sized companies. Our clients are their owners. In addition, we represent corporate groups as buyers of medium sized companies and investment groups specialized in medium sized enterprises such as private equity houses or family offices. Based on this experience, we have an understanding of both transaction partners and see a substantial part of our function in translating between the often quite different views, needs and approaches of entrepreneurs and investors.