Even if people often only perceive it subconsciously, lighting is omnipresent in everyday life and the necessary solutions are as diverse as the companies active in the industry. Through the fundamental transformation from conventional lighting to efficient LED, the industry has experienced a paradigm shift in the last decade that continues to have an impact today.

At the same time, the still highly fragmented industry with many small niche providers must face the challenges of global competition and increasing customer demands. M&A, the buying and selling of companies, is now an integral part of strategic considerations by company owners in the industry.

Aquin has developed into the leading M&A advisory firm in the European lighting industry through a large number of supported lighting transactions (15 to date) and has an industry expertise in this area like no other transaction advisor. Thanks to our lively network with decision-makers in the industry and investors with an affinity for lighting, as well as our deep understanding of the business models and core values of lighting companies, we can optimally represent our clients in the M&A process.



From high-quality designer luminaires to sophisticated architectural and shop lighting, high-performance lighting for streets, public spaces and facilities, robust products for industry and, finally, special applications such as in medical technology, signalling systems, tunnels or automobiles – the fields of application in the lighting industry are almost unlimited. These are the segments in which we have been active to date:

Architectural Indoor Lighting

“Light has the ability to transform rooms and spaces. Good lighting achieves both a high-quality practical and aesthetic effect. A growing trend.“

Hospitality Lighting

“In hotels or restaurants – what you sell is atmosphere. A thrilling playing field for creative lighting.“

Industrial Lighting

“Energy efficiency and light intensity have reached new benchmarks, while also taking into account the well-being of the people within the premises.“

Lighting Control / IoT indoor

“Buildings are becoming more and more integrated by IoT“

Office Lighting

“Proper lighting is not only a prerequisite, but also a powerful tool in enhancing the productivity and enjoyment of staff within offices.“

Retail & Shop Lighting

Light attracts – an old proverb, which remains true. Light sets the scene for the merchandise.“

Architectural Outdoor Lighting

“Light has become an indispensable feature of architectural design – vastly adding to the beauty of a façade.“

Lighting Control / IoT outdoor

“As the world is becoming increasingly more digitalized, so too is the lighting within streets, places and cities. It is undoubtedly a new, attractive and distinct business field.“

Street & High Mast Lighting 

“Intelligence is entering the street lighting sector, giving it a boost. Knowing how to best handle the demanding customer base is of great importance.“

Designer Luminaires for Home Lighting

“It’s the light-radiating jewel in our home.”

Value For Money Luminaires for Home Lighting 

“Attractive prices at acceptable levels of quality.“

Automotive Lighting

“Light is the new chrome!”

Emergency Lighting

“Despite the inconspicuous nature of emergency lights, their function is critical to life safety – especially under the toughest of conditions.”

Entertainment Lighting

“Light establishes a “wow” effect, able to both excite us and calm us down.”

Health & Care Lighting

“Medical lighting represents the archetype of an attractive niche: highly sophisticated, highly protected, highly rewarding.”

Railway Lighting

“Environment and climate debates have pushed rail travel onto the fast-track. Be it high-speed or metro trains, comfortable light atmosphere will be a part of the ride.”


“Signage creates a first and lasting impression of a firm.”

Tunnel and Underpass Lighting

“Let’s widen our tunnel vision.”


“What drives the LED business? Drivers!”


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