Aquin advises ENDEGS on its sale to ECM


Effective August 14, 2023, ENDEGS and SIS merged under the umbrella of ETS Group (Environmental Technology Services) in order to combine their strengths and to jointly drive the internationalization of the group even more intensively.

ENDEGS GmbH, based in Pförring (Germany), is a leading environmental service company and expert for mobile, time and cost-efficient combustion of toxic, dangerous and climate-damaging gases, gas mixtures and vapors without open flame and noise.

SIS GmbH, based in Amelinghausen (Germany), is an international market leader in the operation of mobile thermal exhaust gas cleaning systems and complementary equipment and was acquired by German private equity company ECM Equity Capital Management in 2019.

Together, the two companies intend to invest in further development and the targeted expansion of management and sales structures in order to realize the full potential of the solutions offered in existing core markets.


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