>   You want to pass on your life’s work or your investments at an optimal value?
>   You want to be independent of individual banks and implement a customized solution for your corporate financing?
>   You would like to know the current value of your company and develop a sound M&A strategy?

Whatever stage you are in, Aquin is your professional partner:
Independent, Transaction experienced, Real industry competence



The initiation and implementation of corporate transactions is our profession. Our focus is on the purchase and sale of mostly owner managed medium-sized companies.

We assist entrepreneurs, international corporations, private equity firms, and family run businesses in the successful implementation of M&A strategies. With unconditional dedication and extensive transaction experience, we assist you in the following events as a proven M&A specialist:

»The sale of a company is often more complex than the original founding. We help you avoid the many pitfalls along the way to realizing a fair value.«

The sale of a life’s work is a unique event and often proves more complex than the founding of the company. In addition to maximizing the sale price, ensuring that the established corporate values and identity are maintained are also priority one.

In the course of handing over the business, we cover the entire process for you. From the initial idea, approaching investors, and the negotiations, rest assured that we’ve got you covered.

At the beginning, we create a substantial value analysis for you. This will provide, apart from an indication on the realizable selling price, valuable arguments for its maximization and the basis for the buyer’s valuation. Based on our international network of industry-specific investors, private equity firms, and family owned businesses, we assess potential buyers based on their strategic fit.

Our highly personalized approach guarantees maximum confidentiality towards customers, suppliers and employees.

You can also trust in our proficient support when it comes to due diligence, negotiations and ultimately closing the contract.



As an independent advisor, we design tailor-made financing solutions which optimize your business and growth strategies. We focus on strategic financing solutions, such as equity participation (e.g. silent participation), debt capital instruments for financial leverage and hybrid financing solutions (e.g. mezzanine).

We specifically focus on and have extensive expertise in:

»We ensure that financing issues do not put brakes on your expansion plans.«

You want to expand your business further? Enter new markets? Extend your value creation or product portfolio?

We support you regarding these issues and other growth plans through the design and arrangement of a viable long-term financial solution.

To successfully secure growth capital, we offer the following services:

> Determination of your strategic goals
> In-depth analysis of your capital structure
> Determination of an optimal capital structure and suitable financing instruments
> Structured approach to finding the right financing partners and determining the best conditions
> A proficient support staff to assist you in the negotiation and documentation preparation
> As your bank-independent advisor, we can develop alternative financing options and show you exactly those financing instruments that best meet your strategic objectives.

Having a well-considered image of your strategy in financing, especially when working with capital-intensive growth plans, is an essential factor for success.



M&A is considered the supreme discipline of strategy. The correct assessment of the performance of one’s own company, as well as the continuous monitoring of changes in market and competitive structures of their own industry, form the central basis for the direction of the company: organic growth, purchase or sale.

Aquin has, like all major international investment banks, the necessary tools and databases, but, above all, highly qualified analysts to provide the necessary information required for a thorough discussion.

You can expect substantial market feedback and valuable insight from us regarding:

Company valuations (discounted cash flow analysis, value multiples of comparable transactions and listed companies, LBO modelling, quantification of synergy potentials)

M&A strategy (business model development with M&A, best buy and sell points in time, M&A benchmark analysis)

»Value is in the eye of the beholder. What makes your company attractive to investors?«

We provide you with a detailed assessment of the value of your business in whole.

We evaluate your business with the help of all common valuation methods, such as DCF analysis (discounted cash flow), the value multiples from past transactions and listed companies (CTA/CCA), and Leveraged Buy Out analysis (LBO-model).

The result is not, as with appraisals created for tax purposes, a purely theoretical value, but rather a real market value which we believe to be realizable in the context of our transaction experience.

Based on the valuation, we can set realistic price expectations, explore action items or judge the fairness of a takeover bid. This valuation is the basis for deciding when and how a possible sales process should be initiated. Moreover, any critical areas in a later M&A process can be identified.

Based on our extrapolated scenarios, you will also receive leverage points of how to add even more value to your business.

By the way, we are often engaged by large banks or auditors, as we, in contrast to their own experts, determine the real market value and not a purely theoretical one.