Dr. Rainer Reichert

Member of the Supervisory Board

Dr. Rainer Reichert is a member of the supervisory board and Senior Advisor at Aquin. Dr. Reichert has 25 years of experience within the industrial sector, specifically in the fields of machinery, plant engineering and the automotive sector. In this context, he has been involved in the development of strategies for a variety of business areas and in particular, corporate acquisitions. After working at Fried. Krupp GmbH, he headed the corporate strategy and alliances division at Daimler Benz AG in 1989. In 1993, Dr. Reichert, as the sole general partner, took over F. Tacke KG and the management of KTR GmbH. Through the establishment of subsidiaries with production facilities in i.a. Poland, China, India and the US, as well as holding board member positions in 18 countries, he substantially internationalized his company. Dr. Reichert was involved as chairman of the board of the “Power Transmission Engineering” association and was a long-time member of the main board of the German Engineering Federation (VDMA).

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