As a bank independent corporate finance advisor for German SME’s, we see ourselves as the attorney of the entrepreneur. Thus motivated, we carry out the following topics of current interest, which we believe could be of particular benefit (only available in German).

Below you will find publications written by Aquin employees or published with their participation. The hierarchical tree structure will take you directly to the individual subject areas.



Does Corona block the light?
07.2020 – Martin Kanatschnig, Dr. Kurt Gerl in: HIGHLIGHT 7-8 2020
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Harsh winds on the lighting market
10.2019 – Martin Kanatschnig, Dr. Kurt Gerl in: ElektroWirtschaft – Light-Special 10/2019
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Lighting in jeopardy?
03.2019 – Dr. Kurt Gerl, Martin Kanatschnig in: HIGHLIGHT 3-4 2019
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Light goes smart
03.2017 – Dr. Kurt Gerl, Martin Kanatschnig in: HIGHLIGHT 3-4 2017
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Kleine Lichtquelle – Großer Umbruch
03.2016 – Dr. Kurt Gerl, Martin Kanatschnig in: HIGHLIGHT 3-4 2016
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M&A im Lichtmarkt – Zunehmend auch im Mittelstand?
05.2015 – Interview Dr. Kurt Gerl, Martin Kanatschnig in: ElektroWirtschaft 5/2015
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LED: Die Karten werden neu gemischt
03.2014 – Dr. Kurt Gerl, Martin Kanatschnig in: Highlight 3-4 2014
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Wachstumschancen in neuem Licht – Fallstudie in der Unternehmeredition
08.2013 – Martin Kanatschnig in: Unternehmeredition 04/2013
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Automatisierung ist global – Globale Strategien und Partner sind bei Automatisierungsherstellern gefragt
03.2013 – Interview Friedrich Keglowich in: SPS-MAGAZIN 04/2013
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The specifics of successful M&A in Brazil
09.2011 – Richard Saito, Aleixo Vaquero in: Aquin & Cie. Advisory Note Nr.14
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In India the Gap is the Potential
03.2011 – Francois Montrelay, S. Devajaran in: Aquin & Cie. Advisory Note Nr.11
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Beleuchtungsbranche – Spot on Mergers & Acquisitions
02.2011 – Dr. Kurt Gerl, Martin Kanatschnig in: HIGHLIGHT-WEB White Paper 02/2011
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Konsolidierung im Markt für Videoüberwachung
02.2011 – Dr. Jürgen Kuttruff, Florian Hajdu in: PROTECTOR Special Videoüberwachung 03/2010
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Der Zutrittskontrollmarkt in der Konsolidierungsphase
02.2011 – Dr. Jürgen Kuttruff in: WIK 01/2010
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The following books were published by the executive board and the supervisory board of Aquin. If interested, you can order these via email from, Amazon, or quoting the ISBN number in the book trade.

Passing on the fire –
Shaping the future of your company

Authors: Kanatschnig / Knürr / Kuttruff / Metzler / Reichert / Zippel

As successful entrepreneurs feel a strong bondage to their lifetime achievements, they are greatly concerned about finding the right successor for the companies they passionately built up. This book provides answers to factually as well as emotionally challenging questions concerning succession, helping entrepreneurs to take satisfactory and future-oriented decisions.

Based on their own entrepreneurial experience as well as on their functions as executive respectively supervisory board members at Aquin, the authors shed light on the multifaceted topics of corporate succession. A symbiosis of entrepreneurial and scientific perspectives resulted in a so far unique oeuvre – written in intelligible speech – which assists in the timely and sound preparation and successful execution of the transfer of business.

ISBN 978-3-943021-15-8 | 28,50 €

Das Feuer weiter geben

Passing on the fire II –
M&A means advising entrepreneurs and enterprises

Authors: Kuttruff / Kanatschnig et al.

Good M&A requires in-depth knowledge of the industry, protects the future of the company and establishes the transfer from one entrepreneur to the next.
Maintaining the good and future-oriented during change, yet at the same time remaining open for the new is a difficult balancing act. For this reason, the title of the book is inspired by an old proverb:

»Tradition is not preserving the ashes, but passing on the flame.«

It is up to the new entrepreneur to keep the fire, which he bought, burning, to develop initiative, to motivate and to create.

ISBN 978-3-943021-75-2 | 28,50 €

Das Feuer weiter geben

80 insights of an accomplished entrepreneur –
views and suggestions resulting from 40 years of passionate entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurial commitment and passion characterizes this book. Only a few German managers have experienced a comparably long and comprehensive presence as head of an internationally expanding company like Hans Knürr. This is demonstrated in all 80 views. »Business Environments« and »Markets«, »Corporate Finance«, »Globalization«, »Day-to-Day Business« and economic topics: Heading the Knürr AG for 40 years, the author faced almost all possible challenges in any of the above mentioned fields. He does not hold back and speaks a clear language with tact and social skills. In addition to the always dominant perspective of an experienced entrepreneur, the book leaves room to experience strategy and operations from other angles.

A book full of passion and expertise which contains the essential touch of toughness, a quality successful entrepreneurs have to practice these days; maybe more than they want to.
ISBN 3-937960-01-5 | 28,90 €

Das Feuer weiter geben