Bewerbungsprozess und Start bei Aquin

»Latte Art for our Clients«

by Lina Laukart-Neumann

Whether you are choosing the right partner to accompany the sale of a company or selecting an investor, to whom you want to hand over your life’s work, one thing is ultimately clear: the chemistry has to be right!

Face-to-face meetings therefore, play a key role in the success of a future partnership. Aquin’s quality of service is not only evident in the preparation and execution of appointments, but also in the often overlooked things, such as the perfect coffee. Even if the quality of the coffee itself cannot promise a successful meeting, one thing is certain: it will be remembered! One remembers with horror the dirty water served with a little foam, which was passed off as a cappuccino during a marathon negotiation.

At Aquin, the quality of our professional services spills over into our selection of premium coffee. Thanks to our high-quality portafilter espresso machine, our professionally trained staff (who have taken professional barista classes) and the experience of serving more than 10,000 cups of coffee per year, our clients can look forward to first-class coffee enjoyment. Because, in addition to the chemistry, the crema must also be right!

This small diversion from our daily routine is not only reserved for our clients: whether the cappuccino is topped with a leaf, heart or elephant design, Aquin employees also use the opportunity to clear their minds and let their creativity run free.

In fact, some of our employees are so ambitious that one could almost expect them to open up their own coffee company. So, if you’re not well versed in all things coffee, it may be wise to take notes while the grinder is being fine-tuned with meticulous precision to get the very best out of every bean.

As you can see, even if coffee is not everything, it certainly plays an important role in our daily work and contributes to us providing our clients with a pleasant atmosphere conducive to building relationships.

PS: Even if coffee is not your cup of tea, you will always be welcome here at Aquin.

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