Bewerbungsprozess und Start bei Aquin

»The Application Process and My First Days at Aquin«

by Sven Gräber

The Application Process:
Before I decided to submit my application to Aquin, I prepared extensively for the interview. In preparation, I primarily focused on »Investment Banking« by Joshua Rosenbaum and Joshua Pearl. Once submitted, my application only took a few days to process and I was invited to my first interview with Thomas and Felix. During our conversation, we focused on my personal and professional knowledge. A short time later I was invited to submit a case study, where I once again was able to demonstrate my professional competence and get to know the Aquin team a little better. Shortly after my second meeting, I was invited back in to discuss the details of my employment. Shortly put, Aquin put forth an excellently organized hiring process with a focus on the individual and their professional competence.

Why Aquin?
In the end, I chose Aquin mainly due to the fact that here you are encouraged to think and act entrepreneurially, which is ultimately made possible due to our flat hierarchy and small structure. In addition to project activities, we are also assigned various internal responsibilities allowing us to actively participate in the development of the business. Furthermore, I was convinced by the transparency that exists in the company as well as the further individual training opportunities.

My First Month at Aquin:
I started at Aquin in October of 2019. I was first put through a very thorough training to get to know the internal processes at Aquin. At the same time, I was given the opportunity to work on an international project, whereby I was given the responsibility for some smaller tasks. After about four weeks on the job, I took on another smaller project which involved preparing a value analysis along with one of the associates. The project would culminate shortly before Christmas in my first client visit to present our findings.

My tasks and responsibilities vary depending on the project status. In addition to two value analyses, which included the identification of comparable transactions and a publicly traded peer group, my responsibilities have included research and independent handling and negotiation of NDA’s with potential investors.

Within only a few months at Aquin, I have already had the opportunity to analyze several different companies which ultimately has resulted in a steep learning curve. Among other things, this is driven by the rapid transfer of responsibility and Aquin’s desire to empower its employees. Furthermore, the open-door environment at Aquin is very conducive to the learning process and allows for constructive feedback.

Aquin’s culture of flexibility has led to us being able to realize a true work-life-balance.

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